Our challah freezes quite well.  To get the best results put the challahs in the freezer as soon after delivery as possible.  Please note that raisin challahs require more time to defrost.

When You are Ready to Eat Them

Take the challahs out of the freezer at least 6 hours before dinner.  Leave them in the bag for the first 5 hours.

If you have less than 6 hours you can defrost the challah in a microwave.

One of our customers told me that she places the challah in an oven set to 180 degrees for 5 minutes just before dinner.  I tried it and it works.

Raisin Challahs - 2014

Raisin challahs are different because of the sugar in the raisins.  The sugar content will vary from year to year.  These instructions are for 2014.

For raisin challahs we recommend that you take the challah out of the freezer the day before and leave it sitting in the bag.  Moisture will accumulate on the inside of the bag.  This is normal for all challahs, but will be noticeable for raisin challahs.

Take the raisin challah out of the bag an hour before the meal and let it sit on a bread board for three quarters of an hour.  The challah should be cool but not frozen.  About 15 minutes before the meal you should warm it in an oven set to 180 degrees for 5-10 minutes.

B’tai Avon