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Raisin Challah Bread Pudding

Challah is perfect for French Toast and Bread Pudding.  Here is a recipe shared with me from Mellisa, one of our drivers.  The recipe comes from allrecipes.com.

Mellisa added that she "... decreased the sugar to 1 cup and used Bittersweet chocolate instead of semi sweet. For the ganache also. 


French Toast

When Benny wasn't even a year old my two daughters and I would wake up early on Sunday morning and prepared French Toast for breakfast.  It was our tradition.  The recipe I used included a pinch of salt, but one time we ran out of salt.  Rivky, my oldest, suggested I use garlic.  I was skeptical, but you know the way dads are with their daughters.  I smiled and added garlic powder to the egg batter.  We have never used salt again.


Honey Cake with Grilled Peaches and Whipped CreamI gave

I gave my good friend Dave a honey cake this year and he gave this wonderful recipe.  He takes a warmed slice of honey cake, tops it with peaches and whipped cream.  The results are nothing short of miraculous.